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The Last Memory

Recently I went on a weekend trip with one of my dogs, Kobe. It was intended to be a hiking trip in the mountains. We were greeted by days of rain.

Finally, the forecast showed that we would have a three or four-hour window. Kobe and I took the opportunity and headed up into the mountains.

This was going to be a “hike to a point and then head back” trip. An hour into the trip it started raining. I started to turn back, but then I thought, what if this is the last time I get to do this? What if something happens and I am unable to hike again? What happens if life changes and taking a trip to Colorado will not be available to me? So rather than turn around, Kobe and I continued on.

I thought to myself, 'I want to remember this day'. Kobe and I slowed down. Red, purple, white, and yellow flowers were everywhere. Mushrooms in all their delicacy were popping out. The smell of pine filled the air. Crossing three roaring streams created a soothing sound.

I took pictures. Kobe played in the water and was joyous. Our hike turned into a stroll.

Though gently raining, it felt good to use my muscles, to feel my heart beat, to climb over rocks. It was so still I could hear mice and ground squirrels scurrying through the underbrush. The forest glistened. A deer looked at me, saw I was not a threat, and continued grazing.

I was trying so desperately to take in every sensation of that hike.

Sometimes we’re too busy to take in what is around us. Sometimes we forget how special every day is; how special people are that pass in front of us, in and out of our lives. We fail to appreciate them.

We’re all guilty of letting little things derail us; keeping us from appreciating what is beautiful, what is precious and what is important. We fail to recognize acts of kindness that people show to us; and we fail to extend our own acts of kindness.

I can close my eyes now, feel myself on that trail, and know that I will not forget that time with Kobe.

I wish I could tell you I do this every day: lock in all my memories and appreciate everything. I know I don’t. But then I get a reminder when I’m sitting in my office, and I hear a couple of my team members laughing and how wonderful it is that they’re happy. And then I realize I need to take in the moment and appreciate it.

A little “rain” can sure get us off track. My hope for you is that each day you can take a moment to appreciate the specialness of the moment.


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