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Is VA Aid a possibility?

The Aid and Attendance benefit is available to wartime veterans and their surviving spouses who are now seniors and facing long-term care costs such as home care, assisted living facility fees, and nursing home expenses.

Qualifying for the VA Aid and Attendance benefit can be challenging. There is an array of service, income, and asset requirements that must be met before the benefit can be obtained. The Aid and Attendance benefit also requires a qualifying veteran or their surviving spouse to be paying for long-term care expenses that are unreimbursed by health insurance, Medicare, or long-term care insurance.

These hurdles can seem daunting to families who need extra income to pay for care and have been told they have too much money to qualify. We can devise a strategy to allow veterans or a surviving spouse to qualify for the benefit.

Shared with the permission of Veterans Information Services, Inc. and the Creators of VisPro

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