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Is VA Aid a possibility?

The Aid and Attendance benefit is available to wartime veterans and their surviving spouses who are now seniors and facing long-term care costs such as home care, assisted living facility fees, and nursing home expenses.

Qualifying for the VA Aid and Attendance benefit can be challenging. There is an array of service, income, and asset requirements that must be met before the benefit can be obtained. The Aid and Attendance benefit also requires a qualifying veteran or their surviving spouse to be paying for long-term care expenses that are unreimbursed by health insurance, Medicare, or long-term care insurance.

These hurdles can seem daunting to families who need extra income to pay for care and have been told they have too much money to qualify. We can devise a strategy to allow veterans or a surviving spouse to qualify for the benefit.

  • Who Can Help Me Fill Out the Forms?
    Any private individual may assist with completing the forms; however, this individual is allowed to assist ONLY one person. A VA accredited agent or a service organization, such as your local State Veterans Office, VFW, or American Legion may help you, as well as a VA accredited attorney. Randy Clinkscales is a VA Accredited Attorney. NO-ONE may charge you for helping you prepare or present the VA application forms, but you should be sure that the person understands VA.
  • What are the Advantages of Having an Attorney Assist Me?
    An attorney may assist you with much more than just the VA application, such as making sure that all of your assets are in order to help prevent a denial of your claim and with other paperwork that might be needed to help prove your claim. An attorney must be accredited through the VA and as such, can represent you before the VA if your claim is denied or if the award is incorrect.
  • Must I Already be Living in an Assisted Living Community Before I Apply?
    No, it is not necessary to be living in assisted living in order to apply for VA benefits; however, if you are in need of personal assistance, the entire cost of assisted living helps to qualify you for benefits, but you must be a current resident to submit these expenses as a deduction off income.
  • How Long Does It Take to Find Out if I am Eligible?
    An attorney should be able to give you an idea of your qualification within thirty minutes; however, in order to be absolutely certain that you qualify for benefits, the attorney would need to review all of your financial, personal, military, and medical records.
  • How Long Does It Take for Me to Get My First Check?
    Once an application is turned into the VA, it can take anywhere from four to six months on average to get your check if you are approved for benefits. If you have dementia or other memory loss issues, the VA may insist on meeting you and your representative before sending you a check, so your award may be delayed a few additional months.
  • Does the Money Come to Me or Straight to the Assisted Living Facility?
    All benefits are paid to the claimant and not to any facility.
  • Can I Have It Deposited Directly Into My Bank Account?
    Yes, the VA actually prefers to have all checks directly deposited into a bank account. If you have memory loss issues, the VA will insist on a direct deposit.
  • Is It Retroactive Back to When I First Applied or Does It Start the Day/Month I Get Approved?
    Benefits are retroactive from the first day of the next month after the VA receives your application OR your first notice of intent to file. An attorney can help you preserve this Informal Award Date. In order for the benefits to be retroactive, you must live through the entire month after the VA receives your first Informal Request or application, whichever is received first. In addition: if you are filing an Informal Request, you must be alive when the rest of the application is submitted and you have one year from the date of the Request to get the rest of your application into the VA.

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