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A Crisis Care Plan is a Life Care Plan specifically created to address crisis situations. This type of plan is for situations in which a person can no longer live safely in their home without assistance or where the person has already or will soon transition to some type of assisted living or nursing home. Crisis Care Planning is for families feeling overwhelmed by the decisions being made, whether it be financial, healthcare, or estate planning. 


Crisis Care Planning Goals:

1. Appropriate Care:


Whether your loved one is at home or some other long-term care setting, getting good care is paramount. Our care coordinators are experts in helping you find and select high-quality care and ensuring that high-quality care continues. We know the standards that are required and will advocate for your loved one, even when they cannot advocate for themselves. We assist caregivers with advocating for a loved one and providing solutions and alternatives.

2. Financial Solutions:


How do you pay for care? Whether assistance comes in the form of Medicare,VA, or privately paying for care through the utilization of assets, long-term care insurance, or other resources, we are here to help find a way.

3. Peace of Mind:


Dealing with a loved one that needs care is difficult. There are multiple moving parts, but we can help simplify the pieces. You will experience peace of mind knowing you have done everything possible for your loved one.

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