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The Most Interesting of Years

One of my best friends is Lane. I met Lane the very first day of college in an elevator in our 12 story dorm. The elevator broke down (something we would come to expect over the next few years) and we began to visit over what now has been a 44 year conversation.

Lane lives in Dallas, and as a result, we see each other infrequently. However, at least once or maybe twice a year we get together. We also talk by phone. It seems like when we get together or talk, it is just a continuation of the 44 year old conversation: never boring; never the same.

A few years back Lane revealed to me he was diagnosed with Parkinson’s. Being guys, we were appropriately stoic about it, but I knew it was news that made a change.

Over time, it has just become part of our relationship—and in a good way. We do what we can do, which is a lot.

With COVID-19, I worry about anybody with a chronic illness. So one day when we were talking I asked Lane about his concern. He had a really interesting observation. “Randy, I’m glad that COVID-19 happened in my lifetime. I would hate to die during a boring time.”

What did he mean by that?

People have “interesting” years. It can be some event that changes them forever, even changing the trajectory of the remainder of their life.

For some people, it stops them in their place. For others, they meet it head on. They rise to the challenge. They do the best they can with what they have.

This is what I think Lane meant. COVID-19 has created a challenge for him. He is willing to rise to the challenge. He is going to do what he can to protect himself yet still enjoy his family, his friends, and his work. COVID-19 certainly added complexity to his, and all our lives.

We can look on it in defeat; or we can look at it as a challenge that we are going to defeat in some way or another. I think Lane has decided the latter.

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