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Recently, I had an annual physical. My doctor wanted me to have an X-ray on my hip. I had to get one of those braces on my wrist before I went up to the X-ray clinic.

I was a little irritated as the doctor assured me I would go right up and get the X-ray. But I was assigned a number. I was number 68. I could not believe there were 68 people ahead of me.

I went to the X-ray department, checked in and sat down. I only saw a couple other people sitting around me. Then, I heard my name called. I felt my face slowly turning red. I wasn’t number 68 in line; I was “68” in age.

All of a sudden, I thought to myself, how did you get to be 68? And my birthday was coming up and I was going to be 69. I don't feel 68, and I especially, don't feel 69. How much time do I have left? I don't really feel even 49? Holy cow! Crap, I'm getting old!

I wish I could tell you I had an epiphany. No. I did have this thought. It has gone so fast. I know there have been bad times, but there have been a lot of really good times. And I've appreciated the journey. And we need to be ready. Growing older happens to all of us.


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