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Being Inspired - Jim Blume and DSNWK

A few weeks ago I was invited to a luncheon. At the luncheon the featured speaker was Jim Blume, now living in the Denver area. He was in Hays, Kansas to help support the funding of the “Stronger Forever Together” campaign for Developmental Services of Northwest Kansas, Inc. (DSNWK). It was a fundraiser to ensure continued support for DSNWK. DSNWK provides services for those with intellectual and developmental disabilities, whether they are children or adults. They have been serving families in Northwest Kansas for over 50 years.

Jim was long associated with DSNWK, serving as its leader for many, many years. Jim eventually transitioned to a Deacon with the Catholic Church, and runs/works at a homeless shelter in Denver.

I knew Jim way back when. Many times I would see him working out at the gym. I always knew him as a good person and so I was more than willing to speak with him.

The day after the presentation in Hays, Jim dropped by my office. Jim has developed a real sense of his mortality, that his time on this earth is limited, that he wants to be sure that DSNWK will continue on its mission of service to those with intellectual and developmental disabilities, and that the program will survive long past his lifetime.

I do not know if I have ever experienced the closeness to a purpose as I felt with Jim Blume that day. He was one with his purpose. He was one with his God. He was on a mission. And he inspired me.

This is not intended to be an advertisement for DSNWK. It is a great organization that helps those that cannot help themselves. Many of its workers and supporters are 100% dedicated to helping families and many times are their only resources.

There are many other great organizations that are equally as important, with equally dedicated people.

Part of my law practice involves helping folks with their estate planning. Sometimes they consider setting aside a portion of their assets, even a small portion, for charitable purposes. That has become much more important to me now.

While such charitable purposes may have little impact on what your family receives, those charitable gifts can create a legacy for those in need for many, many years. With cuts to various government and healthcare programs, many charitable organizations will simply not survive without private assistance.

Jim Blume inspired me. He made me feel and see a higher purpose in my life and in my planning.

Whether it is DSNWK, or some other organization that is important to you, your donations can make a real impact on the lives of many. It just takes a little changing to your estate plan. Or it takes a little bit of re-directing your contributions now. Regardless, I hope you will consider supporting your favorite charities.

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