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The Advantages of Wearing a Mask

Happy Holidays to all of you! What a year this has been. One of the things that we are all going to remember about 2020 (and going into 2021) are the pros and cons of wearing masks.

As I was sitting down getting ready to write this newsletter, and a couple other newsletters, I had an interesting idea. What are the advantages of wearing a mask? I posed the question to my staff and I got a lot of replies. Let me share with you some of these “benefits”.

1. You keep others safe.

2. Women do not have to put on makeup under the mask.

3. Men do not have to shave.

4. If I cut myself shaving, no one needs to know it.

5. You don’t have to smile as much.

6. You don’t have to worry about something being in your teeth.

7. You can travel incognito easier, and can go into places without being so dressed up.

8. You can make snide comments and people don’t know for sure it was you.

9. You can sing loudly at church, or not at all, and people can’t tell for sure

10. You can smile at someone’s misfortune, but they don’t know it.

11. It is okay to have a runny nose.

12. You don’t have to worry about boogers.

13. You are the only one who knows how good or bad your breath is.

14. When you wear your mask, it’s harder to recognize you at the store with a cart full of ice cream.

15. You can pretend not to recognize other people wearing a mask, so you don’t have to talk to them.

16. You can eat whatever food you want, because you don’t have to worry about people smelling your breath.

17. You can stick out your tongue at people without them knowing.

18. If I want, I can just shave part of my face, allowing me to get dressed quicker.

19. A mask is great when changing diapers or picking up dog poop.

20. You can chop onions and jalapenos without crying.

21. You can eat out of your mask like a mini horse feeding bag.

22. It is more difficult to identify you as a suspect.

23. New way to accessorize a great outfit.

24. You can blame the mask for causing you to have ears that stick out.

Other ideas? Email us at Happy mask wearing!


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