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Helping Others

In 2020, my sons and I went to San Antonio, Texas for our annual “boy’s weekend”. It was unusually cold for San Antonio, even for January.

We visited a cathedral near our hotel. As we went into the church there was an elderly man standing outside, wrapped in an Indian blanket. He had a long, shaggy beard, and it was apparent to me he lived on the streets. We toured the beautiful church, walking back to the alter area. Near the alter area there was an exit door through a small room. When we walked through the room on our way out the same elderly man was there, apparently trying to get out of the cold. He and I made eye contact for just a moment as I went outside.

For whatever reason, I told my sons to wait a minute. I felt compelled to go back inside and I met with the old man. I gave him $100 bill. He stared at the money, looked up at me, and then wrapped his arms and blanket around my neck, and in broken English and with an emotional voice said, “No one has ever done this for me.”

I felt a shock all through my body. I felt a blessing had been giving to me by this old man; I felt something deep inside me, had been touched by him, almost electric.

Since then I’ve thought of him often: how is he doing; why didn’t I get his name; why did he and this event affect me so?

Many families come to our office during a very dark time in their lives—times they were not prepared to face. I try to physically reach out to them to give them assurances.

I hope that somehow, some way, we can give to them what this wonderful old man gave to me. He forever changed me.

I hope we all reach out to someone in need. The blessings back to us will be tenfold.

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