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“I don’t know how you can improve.  You did everything we asked and more.  Our experience was WONDERFUL!  You gave S and I peace of mind which helped the whole family through this difficult time!  Thank you for all you do! – I.D. Everything went very well.  I think everything was well planned and everything went very smooth. – ANONYMOUS Thank you for your help through the past months and my trials.  My hope is I can manage my affairs with your continued help. – M.W. I think/know they have done a super job at taking care of all my business for me. There are none better.  You guys are the best at what you do. I appreciate EVERYTHING you have done for me.

– M.M.

Clinkscales Elder Law Practice provided excellent advise and planning as my wife journeyed through Alzheimer’s.  I appreciate them very much.

– J.G.R.

All were interested, knowledgeable, and very caring and professional in our association with them.

– P.A.W.

Having lost my mom who had C.O.P.D. and other illnesses for 13 years, my dad would have lost everything (financially) had it not been for Randy and his team using their expertise to divert what Randy termed “the approaching train wreck.”

What Randy did for our family was create a Life Care Plan for my mom with a goal of protecting as many of their assets as he could.  We used their social service expertise, legal services, and all the other services that came with this plan.  It was an investment that my Dad and my sisters and I shared.  While it was not inexpensive, had we not done it, I am convinced my father would still not have his house and the small farm he grew up on.  It paid for itself 100x over.

If you are an individual wondering how you will one day respectfully care your aging parents, consider checking into this law firm.


We were very pleased with the care and expertise in the management of our parents.

Thank you for all your help.  Also, for recommending Kansas Recovery to accept balance of annuity which they did and we have already been sent that check.  Can’t believe dad has been gone one year – and mom over four months now.  We miss them.  Thanks for all your quick responses and positive outlook!  We’ll always consider you friends.

– L.W.

As the caregiver for J.L., I came to realize that I needed someone with legal power to assist me in the additional care that she needed.  In 2005 I attended the workshops that Randy Clinkscales’ Legal Practice offered.  I learned as power of attorney and caregiver for J. L. that I needed a person like Marie Leiker (nurse on his staff) to assist me in making decisions for this care.  J.L. did not have any living immediate family member.  A Life Care Plan was purchased so if something happened to me I felt like all of this planning with the nurse and Randy, the lawyer, would continue on for taking care of her needs until death.  This plan is updated often for the care and assets of the person that is ill.  I recommend this Life Care Plan.”

“I never took the Life Care Plan notebook off my desk for 5 years.

– M.M.

Clinkscales was thorough in explaining the trust to us.  We appreciated his expertise in setting up the Special Needs Trust for our son.

– R.F.

Very respectful of families individual needs – patient when call to ask same info as I (we) forgot advice given.  My siblings and I have told others about your services.  We have nothing but good things to say about your service.  Of course the veterans process was frustrating – though my parents were very proud individuals and not receiving their benefits due to them was really fine as it all worked out.  they did not require nursing home care so things went well – GREAT actually!  Thank you! Thank you!

– E.V.

Experience was good.  Questions were answered.  When I had questions, I was able to talk to someone.  Helped to get some things taken care of that I thought were done.

– J.S.

I so appreciated receiving the music box that Pam gave to me while I was in your office last week.  It will have a special place in my home.

Thanks, also for all the answers and help to my 911 calls.  I felt very confident with all of your staff.  They always knew the answers and it was comforting to know I had the best of help.

– J.P.

We appreciated the quality of the work, as well as the friendliness of the visits.

– B.S & P. S.

Very happy with your work.  We have had bad experiences with other attorneys in the past.  This was a pleasant surprise that this went as smooth as it did.

S.W. & J.W.

We were very well treated and everyone involved was professional


“Very knowledgeable, nice.  Great Experience.”


“Clinkscales made me feel like things were done right and on time.  Made me feel comfortable and at ease.  Claudia was great.


“We felt you thought we were important.  You also did a great job.”

-L.A. & D.A.

“Appreciated the patience your staff had when working though our estate planning.”

-G.S. & S.S.

“We really appreciate the work that your firm completed for us.  We also appreciate that you were willing to do a lot via phone, email, and mail as distance was a huge factor for us.”

-W.W. & W.W

“Randy has always been great to work with and the staff are well informed and very helpful”


“I found you very understanding and always returned my calls.”


“Very friendly atmosphere.  Took time to explain things, felt they are there to serve and care about their clients.


“I want to thank you for all of your help and support”


“We were pleased to have your support in the case of our mother”


“We were very well pleased with the services and the friendly personnel.”


“I love working with Jenny!”


“You gave us peace of mind that they were well qualified and knowledgeable of our needs.”

-K&C B.

“Very pleased – both with my mother’s situation, then continuing with Dad’s.  Thanks to you [because] all things worked out just fine.  I learned a lot along the way.”


“Specific practice on elder law was attractive to us.  We have been and continue to be pleased.”


“We have had a very satisfactory experience working with Clinkscales Elder Law Practice.  Everything went really smooth in the process of setting up our trust.”


“Estate planning can be an anxiety provoking process.  Jennifer made it easy and painless.  Having it completed provides a sense of relief and peace of mind.”


I feel I had very good representation.  Mostly talked to Claudia.  She is a very caring person.  You are lucky to have her.


I was very appreciative of the kindness shown to my mother by Mary.  Mary was patient and helpful to me as I worked through my angst.  I appreciated kindness and professionalism of all staff members with whom I can in contact.



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