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Staff Involvement

Our office has a somewhat different philosophy than other offices when it comes to our staff and their involvement in client files. Each of our staff members are involved in all the files. If not actually involved in the initial client meeting, each staff member reviews the notes of the meeting. A short summary of the file is prepared so that everyone knows what our objectives are for our clients. Once a week, we review all our new cases with each other. At that time, we fill in any missing details.

Each of the staff members adds something new and different to the representation of our clients. They may have ideas or see some concerns that perhaps were not addressed during the client meetings. Many times it is just helpful for them to be familiar with your file, so that if the attorney is unavailable, perhaps the staff can answer your questions, or if they cannot, they can begin working on an answer for your question.

To make you feel more comfortable in discussing matters with our staff, we are starting a series of articles to allow you to “meet our staff.” In each newsletter, we will introduce you to a new staff member.


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