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Special Moment with a Client

One of the great things about my practice is that I have the opportunity to share special moments with clients. Sometimes it is the result of the work that we have done for them or just good fortune. Sometimes those special moments may be a result of us not doing anything.

Recently, two new clients came into our office, husband and wife, each over 90 years of age, wanting me to revise their Trust and other estate documents that were drafted in the early 1990s. Because of the age of the documents, they were certain that revisions would be necessary.

I reviewed their Trust and related estate documents. I also reviewed a list of all of their assets and liabilities.

We then met together. What we discovered was that there was one piece of property that had not been put into the Trust. There were some slight revisions to their Living Will that needed to be accomplished. Otherwise, the Trust and other documents were expertly prepared and would accomplish what the clients wanted to accomplish.

I explained to them what would happen if they passed away and how easily their property would be transferred through the trust mechanism. I informed them that there was nothing that we needed to modify. I told them that they had adequately prepared their estate and that they had made their affairs very easy to wrap up.

The elderly husband asked me, “Aren’t there any changes we need to make?” I answered, “You have everything in perfect order. You need to just relax and know that you have done everything that you needed to do.”

As I shook their hands when leaving the office, they were so grateful for my reassurance. I was so happy and pleased that they were at peace with themselves.


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