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Take a Moment

Once in a while we have something happen to us that we know is significant. It may be a little thing, but it is important. Recently, I had that experience.

This time of the year, the weather is so unpredictable. One day it can be cold and nasty; the next, warm and sunny.

On this particular day, it was the latter. I walked out of my office only to see one of my neighbor/clients walking by. A few months earlier, she had hip surgery. I had worried about her ability to recover from that surgery, due to her advanced years.

But there she was, using a walker. She did not see me and I started to go on about my business, since I had so much to do. For some reason, I turned around and visited with her for a few moments. That’s all it was–just a few moments. I thought I could spend some time with her and brighten her day.

Guess what–I was the one that was brightened. According to her, it was a beautiful day, the air was clean and fresh, and she could hear the Fall leaves blowing. She was so happy to be able to get around on such a wonderful day. She ask me about my plans for Christmas, my bird feeders, my family and my staff. She relayed a story to me from the past. She reminded me, in her way, about how wonderful life is, even when you are 80+ and using a walker! She wished me a Merry Christmas and I could tell it was from her heart.

Sometimes we get busy, and may take our family, friends, and health for granted. They may not always be there.

There are people, like my friend/client, who may be older, but have wonderful life experiences to share and so much to teach.

I have the opportunity and fortune of spending Christmas with my family, including my 91 year old grandmother. I cherish each of my remaining moments with her.

I hope that if there is someone who is older in your family or is your friend, you can take a moment. You will be richer for it.

Merry Christmas.

Randy, Barb, Jean and Kirsten


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