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INVESTING IN A LIFE CARE PLAN – Obtain a Road Map and Peace of Mind

This is my open invitation to you to consider a life care plan for your family.  Why and why now?  As I write this, I am on an airplane back from Maine.  A couple of things happened in Maine that have led me to extend this invitation.

I met with other prominent elder law attorneys – 12 of the best in the country.  We get together three or four times a year.  We talk about cutting edge issues faced by our aging population – from health issues to insurance to how to pay for care to fulfilling dreams of the families that we work with to long term care planning to being trusted advisors and to end-of-life planning.

While meeting with the attorneys in Maine, I began explaining to them what we do – life care planning.  I explained how it works, what all we do for our families, our relationships with our families, and the roles played by each team member at Clinkscales Elder Law Practice in helping our families.  We have team members that help clients transfer property; we have a person that helps meet the care and psychological needs of our clients; we find services for our clients; we have team members that specialize in Medicaid and other benefits.  We set up plans for people that will carry them through for their lifetime; we remain a constant available resource for our clients and their families.  The other attorneys were amazed.

I realized, again, how unique and special our approach is.  When we agree to take on a family as one of our life care families, a whole team begins to work with that family and their caregivers.  I am going to find out what that family’s goals are – both short term and long term.  Then the team assigned to that family kicks into action.  We may reorganize the estate plan; we may find out what benefits are available in that person’s community, so that they can stay at home; we may review the medications that the loved one is on with the family and their healthcare provider; we may assess the person’s home to be sure that it is safe; we will set up period checks with the family as to the condition of the loved one; we may help the family plan for government benefits, such as Medicare, Medicaid, Veteran’s pension or other benefits; we may help them tap into their various investments and guide them through how to best to manage those investments through consultation with their investment counselor; we may help them trigger long term care policies to be sure that they are getting what is due to them; but most especially, we work with the family and continue to adjust the plan for that family to fulfill that family’s goals – to stay at home, to be safe, to get appropriate care when necessary, to figure out how to pay for that care without going broke, and to preserve assets first for themselves and eventually for their family.

The more I do this, the more I realize that the earlier I can become involved with the family, the more I can do for them.  When I first started doing life care planning, most of our families were in their 80’s or 90’s, going into a nursing home.  Now, I am finding that I have many clients in their 50’s and 60’s that just want someone that is going to be there, that can always answer their questions no matter what is going on and will do so and keep them informed of any changes in tax or other benefit laws.

I am extending to you an offer to come enter into a life care plan with our office.  We now have over 200 families for which we are doing life care plans.  The relationship that we have with our families is truly unique and truly beneficial.  As a life care plan client, you are given first priority when something comes up about your plan.  What does that mean to you?  You do not have to wait in line to get an answer or to even find out if an attorney will handle your matter.  If it is part of your life care plan, we are going to get to it, to the exclusion of any new clients.

If you are interested in life care planning, please contact our office.  We will do a brief interview with you to be sure that we have a good fit before you come in to see us.


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