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Hope at Christmas

Commercialization during this holiday season has a lot of people feeling like the magic of Christmas has gone away. Despite raising three sons over twenty different Christmases, I still look at those Christmases and at this time as the most special of all times. The seasons are changing rapidly, and the cold has set in. The leaves have fallen, and it is a season of family gatherings. It is a time that we take stock in what all we have.

My wife asked me to say something at our Thanksgiving gathering. I did some research about Thanksgiving. Many of us know the Thanksgiving story, but did you know that the tradition actually dates back thousands of years?

It was only when the colonists started the tradition in the new country that it took a religious tone. That first year saw half of the colonists perish. The celebration was not only about thankfulness for the new crops, it was more about new found hope for the future.

Many that come into my office are confused, afraid, concerned and even hopeless. As the Pilgrims, they may have already seen staggering loss, whether it is of money, physical capacity, mental capacity or even the loss of a loved one through death.

The year 2007 will be a special year for all of us at Clinkscales Law Offices. We have had a very unique opportunity to help our clients and their families through some tough times; to help them find hope; to ease their worries; to show them not to be afraid of the past, but to be at peace because we will be guiding them into the future. (we will be by their side)

We have been blessed to be able to help people to prosper in their business. We have been blessed to help some find the type of care they desperately need. We have shown others how they can get and pay for that good care. For others, we have just had the opportunity to be there in the tough times of losing a loved one. Sometimes, all we can do is grieve with our clients.

Through it all, we know we have given hope to our clients; that we have helped direct them through a forest of confusion and choices; and that we are able to show them a brighter future.

We hope that all of you will find your hope this Christmas. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from Randy, Jean, Joy and Marie.


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