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Signs that Families Need Help, December 2009

Are you, a family member, friend, neighbor or clients struggling to meet the needs of an elderly loved one during a chronic illness or disability? If you answer yes to any of these questions, Clinkscales Elder Law Practice can help.

  • Worries about long-term care costs: Does the elder have a home or assets in excess of $50,000 – enough to finance a short stay in a care facility but not enough for an extended stay?
  • Senior Veteran with Health Care Issues: Is the elder a veteran or the spouse of a deceased veteran, over 65 and having health care issues?
  • Catastrophic event: Has the elder experienced a stroke, heart attack, aneurism, or fall with injury?
  • Chronic ailment or progressive decline: Has the elder been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s ALS, MS, or some other chronic ailment, or experienced a decline in functional capacity for any reason?
  • Consideration of spouse’s needs: Does the elder have a spouse whose financial or health care needs must be considered in light of the elder’s medical condition?
  • Hospitalization: Is the elder hospitalized and the family has been told that returning home is not an option?
  • Coordination concerns: Does the elder have a variety of healthcare providers and need coordination and advocacy for quality care?
  • Caregiver burnout: Is a caregiver struggling with burnout, frustration, guilt or ill health?
  • Stress of family members: Are family members confused or overwhelmed about care options and the care decisions they must make for a spouse or parent?

At Clinkscales Elder Law Practice we are dedicated to giving our clients the power to be informed individuals and to achieve all of the benefits that the law guarantees. We provide honest ways to protect your home, loved ones and independence in times of great need.

We are privileged to serve as your ally. We understand the emotional burden, confusion, anger, hopelessness, sense of injustice, fear and loneliness that come with long-term disability and end-of-life issues. Every day we help and support families and individuals who are in crisis. We work alongside our clients so that they can find peace of mind that comes from having a caring legal counselor who understands long-term care needs.


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