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The Advocacy Part of Life Care Plans

This year we have started into our Life Care Plans, and we told you a little bit about it in our last newsletter. A portion of the Life Care Plan is advocacy. There are times that our clients need advocates, whether it is advocacy in a fair hearing before Medicaid officials, in drawing up a Power of Attorney, or in obtaining health care.

A good example was recently when our care coordinator, Marie Lieker, did an assessment of a client with a diagnosis of Alzheimer’s Disease. It was being asserted that this client was becoming unmanageable.

In assessing this new client, it was discovered that no blood work or x-rays had been performed and that no psychiatric evaluation had been completed. Some of the “symptoms” exhibited by the client were inconsistent with Alzheimer’s Disease. The client was hard of hearing and this had not been evaluated for a significant amount of time. In addition, the medication taken by this client had not been reviewed for some time.

The assessment showed that in fact this person may not necessarily need to go to a nursing home. With proper testing, adjustment of medications and utilization of outside support, the client may even be able to live in a community setting, further minimizing the costs of this person’s care.

The assessment showed that further evaluation was necessary before a diagnosis of any kind could be confirmed.

This is a great part of our Life Care Plan. By being advocates for our clients, we can assure that they are getting the proper care that they deserve, and that if other medical help is warranted, we can point our clients in the right direction or at least bring the care issue to their attention.


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