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Consider a Life Care Plan

A New Approach to an Old Problem

Life Care Planning is a revolutionary new way to respond to the challenges created by long life, long term illness or disability.  A Life Care Plan spells out how the elder law attorney and elder care professionals at Clinkscales Elder Law Practice will help you get the best possible care for your loved one in the least restrictive environment—while preserving your loved one’s wealth to the greatest extent possible. Bundling asset protection, public benefits qualification, care coordination, nursing home advocacy and crisis intervention services into a convenient package, a Life Care Plan is the ultimate protection for elders and those who love them.

Preserve Family Wealth

A Life Care Plan helps you resolve the legal and financial problems created by the high cost of long term care. It includes elder law services such as wills, trusts, powers of attorney, advance directives, Medicaid qualification, asset protection planning and strategies to pay for long-term care.

Organizing Your “Stuff”

A Life Care Plan directs you on how to find, simplify, and organize your “stuff”- insurance, investments, accounts, real estate and personal property as well as your estate plan.  You will then better understand what you have, how to access what you have, and how to use what you have.  Life will be more simple and organized for both you and your family.

Enhance Quality Of Life

A Life Care Plan addresses the caregiving challenges that most families bear in silence. It includes care assessments and referrals, assistance locating and coordinating in-home help and services, crisis intervention, family education and decision-making support, and advocacy services to protect the elder’s right to safe and effective care in every long-term care setting.

How it Works

A Life Care Plan benefits families before, during and after the transition to a long-term care facility. While the Elder is living at home or with family, our elder care coordinator locates the right care and community services, offers family education, coordinates care and serves as an advocate for high-quality care. As the Elder’s condition progresses, our elder law attorney develops a plan of action to handle the legal, financial, health care, housing and long-term care needs in the future. If and when nursing home care is needed, you already have a plan in place to qualify for public benefits such as Medicaid and Veterans Benefits, as well as a plan to pay for long term care. After the Elder moves to a long-term care facility, our elder care coordinator visits regularly to monitor quality of care and serve as the family’s advocate. If problems occur, our attorneys get involved to resolve them as quickly as possible.

Benefits for All A Life Care Plan lightens the load for the whole family.

Did You Know?

Traditional elder law firms focus on saving the elder’s money for the next generation.  As a Life Care Planning Law Firm, our goal is to use the elder’s money to maximize his or her quality of life and independence.

  • Elders get the right care sooner which means aging with maximum possible dignity and independence and, in some cases, delaying the transition to nursing home care.

  • The spouse and dependents can relax because they know that provisions have been made for their  financial future.

  • Caregivers get relief from the burdens of care coordination.

  • Family members are empowered with education, support and guidance with every legal, health care and long-term care decision as the elder’s condition progresses.

Why Hire A Law Firm To Help You Care For Your Elder?

Families appreciate having a law firm on their side if there are problems with public benefits agencies, care providers or estranged family members. Whether you live across the street or across the country, a Life Care Plan offers welcome reassurance that your elderly loved one will enjoy the best possible quality of life until the end of life.

Our Mission

We at Clinkscales Elder Law Practice are proud of our history of serving families and businesses for 30 years.

We pride ourselves in prompt, courteous and professional representation, maintaining that personal touch at Clinkscales Elder Law Practice. All of our staff is involved with our clients and their care.

We are dedicated to protecting and serving senior citizens and those who love them. We dedicate ourselves to giving our clients the power to be informed individuals and to achieve all of the benefits that the law guarantees. We always perform our mission in strict accordance to the law and the highest possible moral and ethical standards.

Our main goal at Clinkscales Elder Law Practice is to help families find, get and pay for good care.


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