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What is in a Life Care Plan?

The Life Care Plan combines asset protection and care coordination into a single convenient package that answers all the tough questions about your loved one’s long-term care, now and in the future. It’s the ultimate protection for elders and their families. The elder gets the right care sooner, maximum independence for as long as possible, and the ability to age with dignity. Families get help finding the right care and services; guidance with legal, health care and long-term care decisions as the elder’s condition progresses; and security because the spouse and dependents are provided for.

Asset Protection and More

Like a traditional estate and asset preservation plan, a Life Care Plan includes the legal protection needed to safeguard assets, honor your loved one’s wishes and provide for family members. But it doesn’t stop there. It describes how your loved one’s long-term care, financial, physical and psychological needs will be met. It’s a road map for total legal care with two simple goals: to maximize your loved one’s quality of life–until the end of life–while preserving wealth for your family’s future.

Get the Right Care RIGHT NOW

With a Life Care Plan, you never have to wonder if you’re doing everything you can for your loved one. Your Life Care Plan Implementation Team surrounds you with the resources, support, and guidance you need to make decisions with confidence. You are never alone! Our team has decades of experience guiding families through situations like the one you may be facing now. We have access to the resources you will need to protect your loved one’s quality of life.

What’s in a Life Care Plan? Your Life Care Plan includes the services of Elder Law Attorneys, Elder Care Coordinators, and other members of our staff who work together to coordinate care, maximize quality of life and protect family wealth for future generations.

Every Life Care Plan is designed to achieve three primary objectives:

Help you ensure that your loved one gets appropriate care, whether at home or in a residential facility

Locate public and private sources to help you pay for long-term care while solving the asset protection problem created by the high cost of care.
Give you and your family the peace of mind that comes from knowing that your loved one is safe and getting the right care.

Depending on your needs, your loved one’s Life Care Plan will include some or all of the following services:

  • Legal Services: to protect assets, coordinate public and private resources to pay for long-term care, and preserve family wealth for future generations, including Medicaid, Insurance, and V.A. Benefits
  • Advocacy Services: to help you get the highest quality health care and long-term care for your loved one .
  • Care Coordination Services: by experts who do whatever is necessary to protect and promote your loved one’s quality of life.
  • Medicare & Insurance Assistance: by experienced staff who understand your options and help you make wise choices and resolve problems. Once your Life Care Plan is written, it is a living document that changes along with your loved one’s changing needs. It remains in force until the end of your loved one’s life.

Not Sure If You Need a Life Care Plan?

Many of our clients don’t need a Life Care Plan or are not appropriate for one. Maybe you would like for us to help you with your estate planning, such as a will and powers of attorney, or you just need information about your options. Contact us and let us help you decide what is best for you.



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