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Tough Questions

Aging is a Long Journey.  You need a guide and someone who will help with your journey.

A Life Care Plan answers every tough question you’ve ever asked about your loved one’s long-term care. It answers questions you didn’t even know to ask! Our staff surrounds you with support.

  • We help you with acute care.
  • We help you with long-term care.
  • We help you find ways to pay for your care.
  • We help you access community services.

And then we help put it all together for you. A Life Care Plan gives you the confidence that your loved one’s needs are cared for–until the end of life.

A Life Care Plan Answers Every Tough Question–Now and in the Future

Whether you’re dealing with your own long-term care situation or that of a spouse, parent or cherished loved one, you’ve probably asked questions like these…

  • Who pays for nursing home care?
  • What happens to my estate if Dad dies without a will?
  • Can Mom give her house to an adult child to keep in from being taken by the state?
  • Do I have to pay taxes on the money Mom gave me?
  • Is it illegal to give away assets in order to qualify for public benefits?
  • What health care, chronic care, and long-term care services are available?
  • How can I get the care I need and want, whether in my own home, in a residential community or assisted-living facility, in a child’s home, or in a nursing home?
  • How will financial and health care decisions be made for me if I can’t make them for myself?
  • Who can I rely on to make sure that those decisions are the right ones?
  • If I can’t take care of myself, who will make sure my spouse continues to have a good quality of life?
  • If we have a health care crisis, what will we have to do? Where do we turn for the help we need?
  • How do I know I am getting good care?
  • Who will advocate and intervene for me if necessary to ensure my right to quality health care and long-term care?
  • How do I assure my financial security as I get older?
  • What public benefits am I entitled to and what do I have to do to qualify for them?
  • Should I rely on Medicaid or other government benefits to help pay for my care?
  • How do I apply for benefits?
  • What kinds of insurance do I need?
  • Should I buy long-term care insurance?
  • Should I join a Medicare HMO?
  • How and when should I distribute my assets?
  • What is estate recovery and will estate recovery come after my home?
  • Can I save taxes and avoid probate?
  • Do I have to spend all of my money on my care, whether in my home or in a residential care facility such as a nursing home?
  • Does all my income have to go to the nursing home if my spouse is in the nursing home?
  • How can I protect my assets to take care of my spouse, to ensure I get good care, or to leave to my children?
  • Do I have to sell my farm or my business if I or my spouse goes into the nursing home?
  • How do I provide for family members with special needs?
  • Are there Veteran’s benefits that could help me or my spouse?

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