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Our Approach

Our Approach Insures Quality of Life for Your Loved One and Peace of Mind for Your Family

Our approach is simple, yet it goes beyond what the traditional asset-focused Elder Law practice offers.

Like traditional elder law firms, Clinkscales Elder Law Practice, P.A. helps you protect your loved one’s assets from the nursing home.

But we don’t stop there. Our multidisciplinary team helps you address the problems that keep you up at night–like making sure that your loved one is getting the best possible care day after day.


Care Comes First


A Life Care Plan gives you and your family a single point of contact for the best, most appropriate care for your loved one, along with every service he or she will need during the journey down the ELDER CARE CONTINUUM.

  • The end result for you? It all adds up to peace of mind
  • Relief for caregivers as you get the help you need with daily care
  • Help you find care available where you live – whether that care is in your home or in a facility – assisted living or nursing home
  • Help you access available funeral services
  • Confidence that your loved one is getting the best possible care
  • Access to everything you need in one place – Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security
  • Protection of assets – long-term care insurance, life insurance, or your own assets
  • Provisions for the care of the spouse and other family members dependent on your loved one
  • Convert countable assets to non-countable assets, thus protecting them
  • Help with every decision you’ll face during the long term care journey
  • Advocacy in various living arrangements – for at home to nursing home – and everything in between
  • Our approach works because it is built on a relationship of trust and confidence—between your family and ours.  CLICK HERE to learn more about the services that come with a Life Care Plan.



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