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February 2006

Life Care Planning

We are excited about a new program at our office. In the last several years, many of my clients have expressed to me feelings of anxiety, guilt, fear and a whole host of other feelings as their families deal with aging.

We have done something about it. We now offer Life Care Planning. What is it?  The Life Care Plan incorporates legal planning techniques along with evaluation and monitoring of the physical, psychological and financial needs of our clients now and as their needs change in the future. We have become advocates for our clients, both legally and with their health care needs. But it does not stop there. The Life Care Plan includes the family, friends and others who may be involved in caregiving, but need some guidance.

How is it different from estate planning or Medicaid planning? A Life Care Plan is so much more. While an estate plan arranges your financial affairs in the event of your death, and Medicaid planning helps you qualify for Medicaid, a Life Care Plan starts now and goes until the end of your life. We will work with the client& client’s family, friends and other caregivers to coordinate our efforts. The Plan works now to determine the best possible care for you and we show you now how to find that care. We show you how to fund that care now and in the future using your available resources, combined with public and private options. A Life Care Plan begins now and works with you and your family for the remainder of your life, all for one flat fee!

Who will work with you on your Life Care Plan? All of our staff will be working with you. All of the legal work will be performed by Randy Clinkscales. However, oversight of your care will be by our entire office and, specifically, a geriatric care manager. The geriatric care manager will assist you and your caregivers for the remainder of your life, helping you determine the care you need, showing you how to find that care, and overseeing its administration. Of course, all medical decisions are left up to your doctor, but our geriatric care manager can advocate for you with your medical providers. Imagine, someone standing up for you, even if you are unable to do so!

If you would like more information about Life Care Planning, give our office a call.

Meet Our Staff

Marie Leiker is our newest staff member. Marie helps us move into the Life Care Planning area. She will be our care coordinator (geriatric care manager) for those clients who opt for one of our Life Care Plans. Marie is originally from Hays. She has her nursing degree and is a certified family nurse practitioner. Marie’s background is in dealing with people addressing aging issues. Marie began her practice at Hadley Regional Hospital Medical Center. She was director of Community Health Services at HMC before becoming the Director of Nursing services at Hays Good Samaritan Center. She has also worked at Ellis Good Samaritan Center and Via Christi-St.

John’s of Hays.

Marie will be in charge of the assessments of our clients in the Life Care Plan. She will then oversee the clients care for the remainder of their lives. Marie will also help their caregivers with problems they may be having. We are excited, and very lucky, to have Marie on board with us.


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