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Welcome to the Clinkscales Elder Law Practice blog. This is our first attempt at a blog.

I am Randy Clinkscales and the founder of Clinkscales Elder Law Practice, P.A. I have been practicing for many years at a general practice representing families in various matters. Like most of us, circumstances change the course of our lives. In taking care of my grandmother, I discovered that there was a real need for someone to focus on issues facing the elderly and disabled. As a result, in 2005, I focused my practice on elderly and disability law. It did not take long before I began retooling the entire office. I brought in staff members to focus on specific areas. We have a staff member dedicated solely to various benefit planning, such as Medicare and Medicaid. I also brought in a person whose primary focus is Veterans pension benefits. I also discovered that there was a real need for someone to help my clients achieve one of their principal goals – to stay in their home as long as possible or if they needed to move into assisted living or a nursing home, someone who can be sure that they are getting good care. As a result, I brought in someone who has a lot of experience in healthcare – our care coordinators (we now have three) who are assigned to each family that we are helping with a Life Care Plan.

I have been in my current office at 201 W. 11th Street, Hays, Kansas, since 1987. In 1987, my wife and I bought the office and we painted, remodeled, put down new woodwork, installed new carpet and have called it home for almost 30 years. Now, our staff and our practice has outgrown our office so we are going to be moving to 2604 General Hays Road, Hays, Kansas. In the next blog, we will talk about the move.


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