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Possible Change to the VA Pension Program (Special Report)

The U.S. Government Accountability Office (GAO) has reviewed the Veterans Administration (VA) pension program.  The GAO has filed a report with the VA and with Congress, as well as with the Executive Branch of our government, calling for change to the VA pension program.

The principal impact is that the GAO is calling for the imposition of a look-back period, whereby someone will be disqualified from getting VA pension if they transferred property to qualify for the VA pension.  The GAO report did not recommend the length of the look-back period.

The GAO report also calls for tighter controls over fiduciaries and more verification by the VA in making its determination on pension benefit eligibility.  The GAO report was particularly concerned about use of annuities and trusts.

The GAO report does not seem to affect existing VA pension cases, but only future cases that may come before the VA pension administration.

What should you do at this point?  Nothing.  Until the regulations are changed, we will continue to pursue VA pension claims under the current laws and regulations.


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