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Going it Alone With Medicaid – Part 3

In recent blogs, we have been discussing a letter from someone who tried to go it alone in qualifying her mother for Medicaid, only to be denied Medicaid after one year and facing an involuntary discharge from the nursing home for failure to pay.

One of the issues is the number of times she tried to contact the Medicaid office, only to not be connected with the worker.  Now, Medicaid is denying the number of contacts.  This daughter has no proof of the contact.  Because of the daughter’s “non-cooperation”, Medicaid is refusing to go back the year that she has been trying to get her mom on Medicaid.

You must document your contact, preferably in writing—each time you are trying to provide requested information.

Please get help from a qualified elder law attorney.  If we can help, call us at 785-625-8040.


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