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Going It Alone With Medicaid, Part 2

In the last blog, I discussed a 3.5 page letter from a daughter who was trying to get her mom, who is in the nursing home, on Medicaid.  It has been a nightmare.

First, she applied for Medicaid and months went by without an answer.

Medicaid rules require a response within 45 days.  She should have appealed right away.  Why?  Because if she is denied months down the road for some reason (in this case too many resources because of the cash value of a life insurance policy), and she has to reapply, Medicaid can only “go back” three months.  And if during those three months she was not qualified, Medicaid will not provide coverage.  You really need to know as soon as possible if there is a problem with the application, so you can correct it.

Now she is looking at one year of unpaid nursing home bills!!!!

Please get help from a qualified elder law attorney.  If we can help, call us at 785-625-8040.


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