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A Life Worth Living is a Life Worth Remembering, Part 2

In my last blog, I talked about The Grandparents Book and how important it is to capture the memories of our grandparents and our parents.  That holds true for us.  The saying, “A life worth living is a life worth remembering,” really drives home the point that we need to appreciate our lives.
I will admit that I am a little bit of a journal junky.  I have started and stopped many a journal, but about five or six years ago, I got very serious about it when I was dealing with some health issues.  I now have the following journals: Diet/exercise; personal; gratitude; and work.  When I go on a trip, especially with my family, we have a journal for that trip.

I do recommend to anyone that is listening to keep a journal.  I have made some real discoveries about myself.  Sometimes just “talking it through” in my journal gives me some perspective and many, many times gives me solutions.  Probably the most important part of my journal experience is that I try to do it in the morning.  It gives me an opportunity to sit back, calm down, and think about myself for a few moments.  Particularly helpful is my gratitude journal.  Each day, I try to write down from one to five things that I am grateful for.  Sometimes I repeat myself, but that is alright.

I encourage you to keep a journal.  I encourage you to write down your thoughts for the day and what you are thankful for.  Write down those important events and your thoughts at the time that you are going through them.  My firm belief is that you will find it therapeutic.

Why is this the subject of my blog?  Many of my clients are going through terribly difficult times.  I hope that they will take time to write down their thoughts and to gain perspective.  We try to make their journey along the elder care continuum a journey that is not so scary and instead can turn into a wonderful victory lap.  The journal may help.


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