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Last Road Trip-“Quick Start”

We were scheduled to begin our road trip on Thursday evening, after a full day of work. Wednesday we learned that Barb’s mother (now 98 years old) had not had a good week in the nursing home where she has lived for several years. My wife is her mother’s health care Power of Attorney. I know she is more than willing to do it, but I know she anguishes a lot about what care is in her mom’s best interest. Frankly I would not want to be the health care provider dealing with my wife; she is quite the advocate.

When we got the news about Barb’s mom, she asked that we leave at noon on Thursday. Carving one half day out of my work schedule may not seem like a lot, but I went into full battle mode taking care of clients and staff, before I left. It was a late night Wednesday and a very early morning Thursday.

Lucky for me I keep a check list of what all I need to pack for a trip. I am a firm believer in check list. In fact, some things, such as my overnight kit, I never unpack. And after a trip, I repack it for the next trip.

I know sometimes I drive my clients nuts when I create all the backup systems for their long term plans; and I know sometimes my staff feels the same. But when a crisis comes up, those systems really worked.

So at 1 PM on Thursday we rolled out of town.


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