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Last Road Trip-“Putting in the Work: Sometimes you have to do it”

When planning with a family, the most time consuming part of the process is the gathering of a list of the assets, determining how they are title, determining how we need them titled, making the transfers, and then confirming the transfers. We call it the “funding” part of the planning—funding the property into the plan properly. A couple of people in our office handle the funding, but Traci clearly does most of it. It is just something that has to be done.

Back to our trip: We left Bentonville, Arkansas on Saturday morning, headed for St. Simon’s Island, Georgia. While the previous two days had been leisurely, we really need to get to St. Simon’s; Barb’s niece had flown in from Oklahoma and is waiting there for us.

We are in our car before 7 AM. The GPS says we are still about 1100 miles away. Normally we like to take backroads, stopping at interesting sites along today. Today, we work at getting there.

From Arkansas we travel through Tennessee, Mississippi, Alabama and then into Georgia. We encountered several periods of significant rains (it was the same storm system that caused flooding and deaths in Louisiana). We are basically headed southeast.

The terrain certain changed as we passed through thick forests and rolling hills. The air thickens as we get lower in elevation and the humidity rises. We started seeing our first “peaches for sale” and “boiled peanuts” signs. We looped around Atlanta, but still drove on interstates 6 and 8 lanes wide, going one direction!

We decide to stop in Macon, Georgia, south of Atlanta. It was 9 PM by the time we get there. We traveled over 800 miles for the day.

Until I was about 10 years old, I lived in Texas before moving to Kansas. While Kansas is my home, most of my relatives lived in Texas. As a result I have spent many a holiday in Ft. Worth, with my grandparents, and on the coast of Texas, with my father.

It is always fun to head down south because of the food that reminds me so much of when I was a kid: grits, gravy on everything, shrimp, oysters and so on.

So in Macon I was not surprised to see pimento and cheese on toast as a breakfast menu item. And the dinner restaurant specializing in bourbon drinks, including an “Old Fashion”.

We left Macon early Sunday morning and we into St. Simon’s Island before noon. We made it. From Hays we had traveled 1540 miles.

As with Traci and funding, sometimes if you want to get to where you want to be, you just have to put in the work.


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